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  1. Sandy Lee says:

    Good Day!

    I’m a student from KDU University College Malaysia, we are currently taking a subject “international tourism” which require us to go for a trip. Therefore, we have chosen Bandung as one of our destination to go. We have a budget around RM1,500- RM1,800 per student for 3 nights 4 days which is 6th-10th October 2014. There are around 18-19 people. So I hope we can get a full schedule from you and the price as well. From there, we can work through it.

    1) This package must be a full board package (flight ticket,meal, transport,travelling, pick up from kdu to airport, insurance ,tour guide etc.)
    2) Attraction places (Ciater Hot Spring, White crate, Tangkuban Perahu, Transtudio Theme park, Strawberry Farm)
    3) Hotels (decent destination and 3stars above)
    4) Foods
    5) Visitation and Free time

    I hope I can get your reply soon. Thanks

    • Tour Wisata Bandung says:

      Dear Mr./Ms. Lee,

      We will send you the offer letter this afternoon via email.
      Thank you

      Best regards from Bandung,


  2. Rusni Ibrahim says:

    I m arranging a tour package of approximately 20 pax. Please provide us your day tour which includes lunch to exotic places ie place that v must go in Bandung

    • Tour Wisata Bandung says:

      Greetings from Bandung,

      Ms/Mrs. Rusni,
      We need some information to arrange your tour in Bandung:
      1) Is it only a day tour package or including the accomodation?
      2) When do you plan to visit Bandung? for how long?
      We will provide the ittenerary and also the budget as soon as possible after we get these information.
      Thank you and we looking forward for your reply.

      Morinda Tour and Travel Marketing Staff

  3. Nino says:

    kalau boleh tau dikenakan biaya berapa untuk masuk ke pemandian ciater?

    terima kasih

    • Tour Wisata Bandung says:

      Dears bu Eucharistie,

      Untuk biaya masuk ke permandian air panas Ciater: 22.000/orang. Itu berita terupdate hingga April kemaren.

      Ibu ingin wisata ke Bandung tanggal berapa, untuk berapa orang, dan berapa malam?

      Terima kasih,

  4. Tan says:

    I am wondering how much would be a tour around places of interest be for 7 person? We wanted to stay in Grand Serela Hotel. We need transportation for a day, meals for a day and hotel accomodation if you can get a better deal than us. Arrival date 6 Dec 2014.
    Thank you.


  5. krishnan says:

    Please give itenary for 3 days at Bandung and Jakarta. My flight to Bandung on 12-9-14.to Bandung
    1st day visit bandung and stay at 3 star hotel
    2nd day to jakarta by van . vist some important places and back at same day
    3rd day sight seeing.leisure have fun .shopping.
    3days – 3 star hoter twin share .
    4 pax include van and driver

  6. adriana ismal says:

    i plan to visit Bandung with my two children one a university student and another a secondary school boy. Could you please give me a tour package including accommodation and airplane tickets?


  7. Afidah says:

    I like to have a quotation for 2 day tours with or without accomodation for my family of 2 adult and 2 grow up children. Other day will be free & easy. For accomodation prefer to have 2 connection room or 2 room apartment. We intend to come to bandung on 13th Oct till 16th. Please send me yr itinerary and cost for 4pax?

    • Tour Wisata Bandung says:

      Dear Mrs. Afidah,

      We will send you soon by email for itenarary this day.

      Best regards,

      Marketing Morinda Tour and Travel

  8. Afidah says:

    Hi can you also give me a quotation for 2 night stay in bandung and 2 night stay in jakarta with a tours for 4 pax?

  9. Jennifer says:

    Currently I am at Bandung for a business trip, and would like to have 1 day tour to go around Bandung on this coming Sunday (21 Sept).
    May I know what’s the package charge and the itinerary.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Tour Wisata Bandung says:

      Dear Ms./Mrs Jennifer,

      We will send you soon by email for itenarary this day. Can you tell me how many pax/people for the tour?

      Best regards,

      Marketing Morinda Tour and Travel

  10. andrian says:

    Selamat pagi,,
    saya ada rencana dgn rekan2 kantor untuk liburan dari Bandung ke Dufan,, dengan jumlah kurang lebih 100 – 150 orang dalam 1x periode. Rencana akan ada 3x periode namun range kepergiannya belum bisa ditentukan. ada jeda dari pemberangkatan yg pertama ke yang kedua dan ke yang ketiga.

    mohon bisa diberikan penawarannya, beserta time schedulenya,,, fasiltas, bis, dan paket makannya,, dan info lainnya juga.



  11. G.Rehunathan says:

    My wife and myself will be at bandung on 23-10-2014 till 26-10-2014.We need Hotel tranfer,hotel already being booked and two day tour.Pls send the litinery for view before confirm.
    My detail,
    Arrival by QZ362 at BDO 1510hrs
    Departure by QZ283 from BDO 1410hrs

    Waiting for reply
    GR.Nathan- Spore

    • Tour Wisata Bandung says:

      Dear Mr GR Nathan,
      we will send the itinerary but we need more information;
      1) which hotel do you prefer: 2 stars, 3 stars or 4 stars?
      2) Is there any particular places do you want to go in Bandung?
      3) you need hotel for 2 nights is that right?
      4) we will arrange your tour on 24th and 25th October…

      we looking forward fo your reply.
      Thank you…


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